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Business Intelligence


Data Engineering

Welcome to devhawk

Business Intelligence
Data Engineering
Edge + Cloud AI/ML

Let data drive your operations with real-time AI/ML insights, automated alerts, and secure storage
Data storytelling with compelling insights, beautiful visuals, and custom metrics in BI or custom software
From ingestion to insight, automate every step to reduce waste and gain massive value from new and existing data

Learn about Data Engineering as a Service


Business Intelligence, powered by Microsoft Power BI

Business Intelligence tools enable quick insights from Big Data in streaming and static forms, but you need a partner with expertise in implementing these solutions at the technical and cultural levels.

We have worked with Microsoft Power BI since it was initially released and specialize in making complex data problems easier for you and your team. See our demo and let us know what kind of help you need bringing automated BI reports and dashboards to your organization.

Astral, real-time data AI/ML infusion

Learn about the current state and future vision of Astral, our real-time data processing platform. We are focused on democratizing Artificial Intelligence, leveraging open-source technology, and building custom implementations to take your business to the next level.

See our demo and learn what is possible in the Age of Information.

Wave Wave

Making Digital Modernization and Transformation easier

Let us enable agility in your organization through modern software and data systems, call or send an email today! We will schedule a no-obligation phone call or in-person meeting to get a sense of your organization's needs and how we can help.
With decades of experience in project management, software development, distributed data systems design, and workflow analysis, we can help you tackle your biggest problems regardless of the size of your company.


Headquartered in Portland Oregon
Enabled for remote and on-site work around the globe


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