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Astral Data Management Platform – Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
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Astral Data Management Platform – Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

We are really excited to announce the public debut of Astral, devhawk’s real-time streaming data management platform!

Our team has been burning the midnight oil refactoring, cleaning, and preparing a demonstration of Astral’s capabilities and we are really excited to share it with you. This demonstration is built to give you an idea of the platform’s capabilities and the true potential of how we can process, store, and analyze millions of inputs per second.

By leveraging open source projects like Apache Kafka, we are building capabilities to stream Internet of Things (IoT) sensor feeds, video, and other real-time streaming data through Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning algorithms. This will allow you to store and analyze these data streams in real-time on-prem or in the cloud. This is the future of our cities, transportation, healthcare, and even warfare!

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The demonstration is using a live data feed from an Intel Edison indoor environment kit to push inputs to an MQTT server that aggregates the sensor feeds and pushes that feed to an Apache Kafka stack. This stack includes devhawk’s unique code that enables AI/ML algorithms to process and provide output from the data. In this case, we simply forward the data as-is (for the moment) to a PostgreSQL database hosted in Google’s Cloud Platform. Finally, the PostgreSQL insert triggers an API call to push the data to Microsoft’s Power BI, which provides the visuals below.

By automating the deployment and management of the platform stack it enables us to easily deploy and configure this product for your unique business needs. Reach out today and let’s talk about how we can automate the handling of your data!

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