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Astral, a modern AI/ML infused streaming data platform

Disparate data sources, ineffective data repositories, unharnessed potential due to an aging data infrastructure: these are a few issues we address with Astral, an open source and source-available real-time data management and processing platform.

This demo displays real-time data streaming through the Astral platform. New sensors are being changed and added, so please excuse any maintenance outages that occur.

Open Source

The future of technology is being built with close-knit open source communities, backed by companies who are experts in modifying, deploying, and maintaining these services. Astral uses numerous open source and well-supported projects, and is open source itself.

Read more about the benefits of an open source ecosystem…

High Bandwidth, Low Latency

Astral deploys as a lean Docker container, allowing for small scale edge deployments, or centralized datacenter deployments at scale.

Read more about how we plan to accomplish easy hybrid deployments and endpoint management with Nalej.

Democratizing Artificial Intelligence

Ever thought your streaming or static datasets would benefit from the latest in open-source and bespoke AI/ML algorithms?

Astral exposes your data to AI/ML microservices, allowing for real-time insights, driving profitable business actions.

Data Source Agnostic

It doesn’t matter where your data originates from. Whether it is a legacy system, CSV file, SQL database, or a combination of all of these, Astral can ingest, process, and analyze your data.

Read more about how the Astral schema registry allows continuous alterations of your data format with no loss in uptime.

Destination Agnostic

It doesn’t matter if you consume your data on a web application, in a Business Intelligence application, or in static files. Astral will orchestrate the intake, analysis, and storage of your disparate static and streaming datasets.

The Possibilities are Endless

devhawk’s goal is to build a strong community of developers supporting and improving Astral. Our primary business is to help organizations customize, deploy, and maintain an Astral constellation.

Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help!



Product Roadmap

Minimum Viable Product 100%
Open Source Release 85%
Automated CI/CD Pipeline 70%
Automated Cloud Deployment 60%
Integration with Nalej 20%

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Deploy a Constellation
Contact Us to discuss your data needs. We will create a custom pathway to automating your data management. Send us an email to start the discussion: connect@devhawk.io
Contribute to Astral
Astral is based Open Source projects. The code base is open source as well. Contact us to get invited to contribute to our Git.
Create your own Solutions
Contact us to learn how to create your own solutions.
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