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Data Engineering as a Service

We provide the architecture and implementation of the following services:

Automated data retrieval
  • Websites
  • Folders
  • CSV, Excel
  • APIs
  • Databases
  • (Decrease manual data entry and manipulation time)
Data Persistence
  • Long-term storage, encryption
  • Built for ML
Database Migration
  • On-Prem to Cloud
  • Hybrid Deployments
  • Geographically Distributed Deployments
  • Upgrade from Relational Database to Flexible schema (enables schema evolution)
  • (Increase availability and response times, distribute workload)
Streaming Data, Realtime Analysis
  • From metrics to Machine Learning, infuse your streaming event-driven / IoT data with open source and custom ML algorithms
Integration with any legacy and modern application, regardless of code language or data schema
  • Remove data latency
  • Ready to scale architecture
This demo displays real-time data streaming through the Astral platform. New sensors are being changed and added, so please excuse any maintenance outages that occur.

Open Source

The future of technology is being built with close-knit open source communities, backed by companies who are experts in modifying, deploying, and maintaining these services. We are proud to leverage numerous open source projects. It turns out most of the closed source commercial products available heavily leverage open source code, whether they say it or not!

High Bandwidth, Low Latency

There are many goals in any Data Engineering project, but step 1 is to build lightweight, simple systems that are loosely coupled (meaning when one fails, the rest continue to work).
We leverage the best and well-supported tools to deploy iterative value to your organization. We are concerned about ingesting, processing, and storing as much data as possible on a lean hardware budget.

Democratizing Artificial Intelligence

Ever thought your datasets would benefit from the latest in open-source and bespoke AI/ML algorithms, but didn’t know where to start?
Open source algorithms will solve 70-80% of the problem, and we have a network of Data Scientists to call upon that can help the project over the finish line.

Contact us today to see how we can provide Data Engineering as a Service for your organization by sending an email to:

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